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Weekly Roundup: 4 Creative ways of VR Cardboard Packaging

Coca-Cola experiments with turning packaging into a VR headset
People are already jumping on the idea of Google Cardboard, the app for smartphones that can be an affordable virtual reality delivery device with the addition of a headset, usually literally made out of cardboard.
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Martell transforms cognac packaging into VR headset
The Martell House has unveiled a limited special packaging that can be transformed into a Google Cardboard VR headset that offers 360-degree mobile experiences.
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McDonald's Is Now Making Happy Meal Boxes That Turn Into Virtual Reality Headsets
McDonald's Sweden is launching a promotion that invites kids to turn Happy Meal boxes into virtual-reality viewers. Dubbed Happy Goggles, some 3,500 of them will be made available at 14 restaurants over the weekends of March 5 and March 12. The price is about $4.10.
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This phone's packaging doubles as a Google Cardboard VR viewer
Most companies encourage you to recycle the packaging their products ship in, but Alcatel has figured out a way to let its smartphone box be reused as something even cooler: a virtual reality viewer.
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Image Credit to LaFrenchTouch and taken from the article by Jennifer Chen

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