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Weekly Roundup: More Gaming and Virtual Reality

11 Most anticipated VR Games of 2016
2016 is the bonafide year of virtual reality. The Samsung Gear VR launched late last year, Oculus Rift pre-orders are up and running, and HTC Vive and PlayStation VR are hot on their heels.
Grand Theft Auto' in VR might be too real
Developers might need to change up their storylines for VR games.
VR Gaming Or Entertainment? Experts Split On Virtual Reality Future
The future of virtual reality is palpable. It’s happening this year, but where the trend goes beyond 2016 is up for much debate. During “The VR Opportunity” forum at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona Tuesday, industry leaders in the VR field discussed a positive, yet different future with VR.
Game developers bet mobile virtual reality has mass-market appeal
In a few months, consumers will have multiple high-end virtual reality devices to choose from, but many developers may stick with mobile solutions instead.
Valve's VR technology now works with the Unity game engine
For many gaming platforms, the litmus test these days is whether or not they get official support in Unity's game engine -- land that and many developers (and by extension, gamers) are likely to give them a closer look. Valve just got a big credibility boost, then, as Unity is introducing native SteamVR support.

Image Credit to Resolution Games. Artwork is for the upcoming VR fishing game from developer Resolution.

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