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Weekly Roundup: Read how Virtual Reality will impact the Gaming Industry

Code Like a God in Virtual Reality Video Game ‘Loop’ | The Creators Project
Our increasingly digital lives, full of social media, games, films, and other web products, are mostly designed and controlled by others. But what if we could wrest some of that control back, giving users sovereignty instead of granting it to businesses?
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Nintendo Is ‘Looking’ at VR Again
Nintendo’s sudden interest in VR was revealed via tweet by Serkan Toto, CEO of the Tokyo-based gaming consultancy Katan Games.
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Survios’ First-Person Shooter Shows How Addictive VR Will Be
I want to play again. My arms are sore from shooting a virtual bow-and-arrow and slashing robots with a lightsaber. My heart is racing from dodging drone missiles and defending my teammate. And my mind is spinning from the possibilities. I want to play again. And I won’t be the only one.
PlayStation VR release date accidentally revealed for fall 2016
GameStop CEO lets the cat out of the bag. With Oculus Rift shipping soon and HTC Vive pre-orders going live at the end of the month, we may finally know when Sony's PlayStation VR headset will go on sale.
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Photograph credit to Stefan Wagner
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