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Weekly Roundup: Top Articles about the Usage of Virtual Reality

Happy Friday! Some food for thought on how VR is more than playing a video game

A Timeline of Fashion’s Early Experiments With Virtual Reality" The possibilities for VR to revolutionize the fashion industry are endless," Jaunt's VP of marketing communications Miles Perkins tells Racked by e-mail. "Wouldn’t we all want to be able to go to Fashion Week in Paris or New York?" he muses. "We can make experiences like attending a Paris runway show from your living room a reality. In the not too distant future, we think consumers could even buy clothes directly from the virtual runway. 
A Comcast Ventures executive compared virtual reality to the "early days of mobile" and said that it could make viewing sports or movies a more immersive experience, which could benefit Comcast Corp., the nation's largest cable company and owner of NBCUniversal.
Gimmick or sales tool? Retailers catch virtual reality fever for the holidays. Brands are virtually getting into the holiday spirit. By tapping into virtual reality, retailers are hoping to enhance their holiday campaigns and bring customers into stores to shop. The challenge lies in making a branded virtual reality experience that’s useful, rather than gimmicky.
Virtual reality now more than a game. As gamers jump into virtual worlds, medicine and the military are among those using the technology on more serious paths.
Researchers at Saint Alphonsus are testing virtual reality technology for innovative medical uses. "We are creating an immersive experience so those people who may be going through the hospital, may be going through cancer treatment, may be going through different parts of our treatment process are able to be somewhere else,” said spokesman and team leader Josh Schlaich.
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