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Weekly Roundup: Virtual Reality dominated at last week’s CES

Happy Friday! A snapshot of virtual reality at the largest consumer electronics show in the world.

CES 2016 Highlights Include The Martian VR, Atmos, Dolby Vision, LG Signature, & More
The Martian VR: While this might be tricky to come by even here at CES 2016, 'The Martian VR' is well worth some serious effort to experience.

After CES 2016: the innovations to follow up
Consumer show points to a breakthrough year for virtual reality, transport and wearables
Techgage’s Best of CES 2016: Top 11 products for 2016
2016’s CES is over, but before we wrap-up our coverage, we want to shed some light on those few products that stood out to us the most. After spending the weekend mulling the contestants, we’ve come up with a list that we feel are the hot items to look out for over the coming year. Here is our top 11 products for 2016!
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The best of CES 2016: Most interesting, innovative picks of 2016
Every year CES has more to offer than any one human being could possibly digest in one week. We waded through the torrent of tech gear to bring you our picks for the most interesting, innovative and just plain fun tech in fields like transportation, VR and wearables. This is Gizmag's Best of CES 2016.
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Virtual Reality That Turned Heads at CES
LAS VEGAS—Virtual reality (VR) was big at CES 2016. Countless people came to the show for a chance to experience being somewhere else. This year will see the launch of the consumer version of the Oculus Rift, a headset developed jointly by HTC and Valve, and Sony's PlayStation VR not far behind.
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Missed it? See CES 2016 in Virtual Reality
Visit the largest tech show in the world from your home. CNET brings you the best of CES in Las Vegas, all in virtual reality.
Photo by: Will Greenwald/Asia PC Mag
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