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Weekly Roundup: Virtual Reality ins and outs

Virtual Reality in 2016: 4 Stats Everyone Should Know
Virtual reality
has been promoted as the "next big thing" for years, but only recently became a tangible market thanks to big technological advances which dramatically improved the overall experience.
Using virtual reality applications to create unique user experiences
Consumers and companies have been looking to create virtual reality experiences since the first 3-D movie, The Power of Love, came out in 1922. And society as a whole has been waiting for the “killer” virtual reality applications era to begin.
What's Hot And What's Not In Virtual Reality 
We are a few weeks removed from the Consumer Electronics Show, where it seemed virtually everyone what showing off some sort of Virtual Reality-related product or technology. Valve and HTC also recently held an event to further brief the media on their technology and VRLA just took place as well.
Storytelling in VR and the Tradeoffs of Empathy & Interactivity
Eric Darnell got into animation in the 1980s and eventually landed at Dreamworks Animation where he co-directed Antz (1998), and then co-directed and co-wrote four Madagascar movies. He’s a storyteller at heart, and now he’s diving deep into writing and creating short VR animated experiences in a start-up venture that he co-founded with Maureen Fan called Baobab Studios.
Apple CEO Tim Cook says virtual reality is not niche, ‘has some interesting applications’
During Apple’s first quarter 2016 earnings call today, Apple CEO Tim Cook shared his thoughts on virtual reality. When asked if the technology is a “geeky niche or something that can go mainstream” during a Q&A, Cook cautiously answered: “In terms of virtual reality, um, no, I don’t think it’s a niche. I think … it’s really cool and has some interesting applications.”
Photograph taken from Forbes' article by Marco Chiapetta
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